Training for employees should be focused

Training is an important part of being a successful organization. Whether it is orientation for new employees or annual updates for team members, training can help an organization provide consistent service, build partnerships, and meet goals. When you write your training plan, be sure to know what your team needs, know how you will make the training part of the entire organization, and have a communications plan to stay in touch with the team all year long to monitor the impact of the training.

How do you know what your team needs this year?

Recent data –The results from last year’s plan can guide you in this year’s training design. School districts will look at state and local testing data and district and campus goals. Non-profit organizations may examine member or donor recruitment and retention or look fundraising efforts. Companies will look at profits and loss, status of new products or services in the marketplace, number of clients over last year, etc.

Best practices – There are organizations similar to yours that you probably monitor. Leaders may look at what others in their industry are doing and include training for their teams to include learning about these best practices. School districts may offer new training for a specific academic area and train in best practices to recruit and retain volunteers and business partnerships.

How will you integrate your training into the entire organization?

You can help employees embrace the training so it is not just one more thing to check off a to-do list. Is there a theme for the year? Does the superintendent or CEO have a “charge” for the year, a directive that tells the organization where the focus should be? This focus area can be a theme for the year, and the theme should be included during training. Mottos, slogans, banners, T-shirts, giveaways, special speakers can help make the training more fun and focus on important points.

Do you have a plan that goes beyond the training?

Once the training is complete, you need to have a plan to make sure employees use the training to meet goals and stay focused. You can stay in touch with your team with newsletters, social media, meetings, luncheons, and other methods all year long. Communication about the importance of putting training into practice and regular progress reports can help team members stay engaged. You can also recognize team members who get the job done and celebrate success along the way. Leaders have a role in communicating with their organization to keep the focus area in focus.

Training is an important part of any organization. It should have a focus to direct employees and team members. Training should include be designed to meet goals and it should be part of a communications plan to make sure the training has a shelf life that lasts all year.

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